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Our Services at Diggin’ It Dogs

Diggin’ It Dogs specializes in creating positive, loving relationships between dogs and their owners with our full range of services. Our founders Mecca Fox and Joan Fuller Bourg are passionate about keeping dogs happy and healthy through effective dog training and grooming. Our Diggin’ It Dogs services have been honed over 30 years of experience working with dogs, making Diggin’ It the best choice for dogs and their owners in Rome GA.

Our Dog Training ClassesDog Training

At Diggin’ It, we offer extensive dog training classes ranging from basic obedience and manners classes all the way up to therapy preparation classes. We are sure that we have a class that will suit your dog’s needs and will ensure the happiest relationship you can have with your furry friend!

Why is Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Important?

Our main form of training is positive reinforcement, a training philosophy that rewards good behavior with praise, treats and more. The key to training success is giving concise, consistent commands and immediately reinforcing positive behavior with a reward.

Our dog trainers treat every canine that goes through our dog training services with respect and trust. From puppies to old dogs, chihuahuas to great Danes, we focus on creating a positive relationship between you and your pup through our effective training.

Our dog training services include manners and obedience perfect for puppies or dogs who need a little extra work. We also have advanced classes to take your dog to the next level. These include body awareness training, mind benders problem-solving class, tricks and treats class. For future service dogs, our therapy preparation class with help you and your dog prepare for the certification test.

Finally, we offer private lessons tailored to your dog’s individual needs. Our dog trainers will one on one with you and your dog for a customized training experience.

Our Dog Grooming ServiesDog Grooming

We don’t just train your dog; we will groom them too! Our dog grooming uses positive reinforcement techniques to ensure your puppy is safe and feels safe while being groomed.

Why It’s Important to Groom Your Dog

A shiny coat and sleek appearance are more than simple cosmetics for your dog. They are an important health practice. Our dog grooming services can help your dog stay healthy and clean while bringing the two of you together. If you’re searching for “dog groomers Rome, GA,” look no farther than Mecca and Brittany at Diggin’ It.

Our full groom service is the total package, feature a thorough cleaning and new cut for your best friend. We are trained in many breed specific styles and will consult with you before the appointment to determine the best look for your pooch.

Our expert groomers bring their positive reinforcement training skills to every dog grooming service create a comfortable environment for all dogs. We work patiently with our furry clients overcome their grooming anxieties and fears, sometimes even bringing the owners back to keep their dogs as calm as possible during the experience. We can also help you make home maintenance a bonding opportunity for you and your pup.

During each dog grooming service, our expert dog groomers Rome keep an eye out for the health of your furry friends. For dogs with sensitive skin, we have hypoallergenic shampoo to prevent any discomfort.

Several of our dog grooming services also have health benefits. Regular nail trimming will avoid accidental scratches, while ear cleaning services help owners easily spot ear infections and anal gland expression relieves discomfort and pain. Perhaps the most important is our teeth cleaning service, which helps prevent tooth disease and decay as well as related complications with the liver, heart, and kidneys.