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The Best Dog Groomers in Rome

Dog Grooming Rome GA

Your relationship with your dog is at the heart of everything we do at Diggin’ It Dogs. Our grooming department is no exception. If you are searching for the “best dog groomers in Rome GA” then look no further.  Mecca and Brittany work to make the dog grooming process as comfortable as possible for your pet.  Whether you want a one-time spruce up for Fluffy before your holiday pictures or you need a weekly bath and blow-dry to keep Fido looking spiffy – we provide the best dog grooming services in Rome GA.


Why We Are different from other local dog groomers

We use positive dog training techniques to help your dog through their grooming fears and anxieties.  We patiently work one-on-one with your dog to help them look their best while having an enjoyable experience.  We also want to help you with any maintenance needs at home to make that time a favorite bonding time for you and your best friend. In some cases, that may include having you come back and help keep your dog calm while we work.


Our Rome Dog Grooming Services Include

Full Groom
Bath and Tidy
Bath and Brush

Our A La Carte Services Include

Anal Gland Expression
Teeth Cleaning Services
Special Shampoos


Full Groom Services

A Full Grooming incorporates a careful and expert cleaning, in addition to a style cut for your dog.   Some canine breeds require particular haircutting styles.  We are trained and versed in various breed-specific styles.  We will consult with you first to see if there is a particular haircut or style you would prefer on your dog.


Bath and Tidy Dog Grooming Service

Our Bath and Tidy service is an excellent option to help maintain your dog’s full groom in between visits.  It includes bath and conditioner, nails, pad trim, paw trim, face trim, ear cleaning, anal gland expression if needed, bows and/or bandana. Our Bath and Tidy service will also keep the dogs that are never in need of a full groom in top condition!


Bath and Brush


The Importance of Routine Dog Grooming

Here at Diggin’ It Dogs, we understand consistent dog grooming not only keeps your pooch looking their best but is essential for their health as well. Here’s how our dog grooming services can help them:


Dog Nail Trimming Services

Does your pooch need a Petacure? Not only do manicured nails keep your puppy from hurting themselves when scratching, but will help prevent them from inadvertently scratching others with sharp claws.


Dog Ear Cleaning Services

Your dog’s ear canal is “L” shaped and goes all the way down to the eardrum, making it difficult to see if the inside of the ear is inflamed, whether the ear canal is narrow, or if there is an infection.


Dog Teeth Cleaning Services

Proper dog dental care is very important and can help prevent future problems with your pet, however, it is something that is often overlooked by pet care owners.  One of the best ways you can help keep your dog’s teeth clean from home is to give them bones to chew on.  However, professional teeth care is necessary to prevent tartar build up.  The bacterium that results from this buildup not only damages the teeth, but can cause complications to their liver, heart, and kidneys as well.


Dog Anal Gland Expression

Is your dog scooting on the floor or is there a bad aroma coming from your dog? These are signs your dog may have impacted anal glands. Anal glands are a mystery to lots of dog owners, and some are happy to keep it that way! While anal gland expression is not difficult to do, most dog owners cringe at having to do it. Diggin’ It Dogs is happy to offer this as a stand-alone service.


Special Shampoos

A few pets have extremely touchy skin or hypersensitivities that require unique shampoos when washing them. In the event that your pet has these sorts of sensitivities, we will wash your puppy utilizing a hypoallergenic shampoo that won’t bother the skin. We also have other special shampoos that will get your pooch squeaky clean if your dog is not in need of a hypoallergenic shampoo.


Our Dog Groomer Reviews

Our Rome dog grooming staff realizes you only want the absolute best for your furry friend.  Check out what our clients are saying:

“I often say that it takes a village to raise a puppy as stubborn, smart and head-strong as my golden doodle Layla. My village begins with Joan, Mecca and Brittany. The support and education I receive from them is remarkable. Joan and Mecca really pay attention and diagnose behavior and personality patterns before they become issues. We have been through several layers of challenges with Layla’s training but each layer has been addressed without negatively affecting her sweet spirit. It is always clear that they are working to ensure that Layla becomes the best possible version of herself. My husband and I are very grateful. AND Layla is always just the cutest (melts my heart) — Mecca and Brittany are awesome groomers!!” – Missy S

“I have known Mecca for about 10 years. I know that Mecca and Joane both have great training abilities and experience. Mecca is also an amazing groomer. She has been grooming my dogs for as long as I have known her and she always makes them look and smell fantastic! Some groomers have been known to use sedatives on your fur baby to make them easier to groom. Mecca is gentle and loving to your baby and would never use drugs on your pets! You need to give Mecca a try for your grooming needs and all the staff for your training needs, you will not regret it!”

“Our sweet girl went in a hot mess and came out looking beautiful! She seemed happy as could be when we picked her up, which is very important to us! Thank you for asking care of our sweet Fiona! I would highly recommend Miss Mecca to anyone.” – Alisha C.


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We want your dog to enjoy their Rome dog spa experience. To ensure your dog gets the time and attention they deserve, our dog grooming staff limits the number of dog grooming services per day. Call us for pricing. Costs vary by breed, behavior, cost conditions, etc


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