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Balanced Dog Training

What is Balanced Training?

Balanced Dog Training is the best of both worlds.   It is dog training or behavior modification which involves the use of both reward-based techniques and aversive consequences.  In this modern, balanced approach to instruction, we start a dog’s education through the use of rewards. Dogs learn new behaviors through goal-driven learning which can be both enjoyable and effective. The dog is permitted to gain an awareness of the training exercises without concern about making a mistake. When and if more reliability is necessary, negative consequences are introduced to the training program in a careful and thought-out manner.

“Balanced” or “Integrated” dog training trains dogs with not only rewards but also produce fast results and by layering in the use of physical pressure. This gives the trainers at Diggin’ It dogs a “complete toolbox” and the ability to train the widest range of clients and their dogs.

We realize every dog and puppy owner will have a truly special circumstance. Some clients really don’t want to use food or have dogs which don’t care much for snacks. Some customers will be very apprehensive about using a training collar for fear of harming or being mean to your own puppy. Some clients just need their dog “fixed” right now and don’t care how it’s done as long as it happens quickly and does not cost a lot of money. In addition, we must face the facts regarding a variety of techniques.

Some techniques, while inspirational and gentle, simply take too long and some clients don’t have that much time, cash, or patience. Additional methods, while a bit harsh, work really fast but may also leave unwanted side effects. Each one the above scenarios can be helped effectively by Balanced Training because it gives diversity and flexibility.