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Using positive reinforcement training for better relationships!

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Let us take care of your best friend and make them look and feel like their best with our personalized dog grooming services!

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We are excited to work with any dog of all sizes! Our training experts know that dogs have different temperaments and will adjust accordingly.

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Our great staff is here to ensure the best quality dog training and dog grooming found in Rome, Georgia!

Helping dogs be the Best They Can Be

Layla and Melissa

Joan and Mecca have been lifesavers with our beautiful, cuddly, playful, strong-willed, energetic, attention-deficit, smart, and manipulative puppy Layla.  They are exceptionally knowledgeable, experienced and patient in all aspects of canine (and human) training.  They are willing to “think outside the box” when encountering issues and there is never any doubt that they want Layla […]

Dog Trainers Rome GALayla


Cooper started at Diggin’ It in basic manner’s class. He learned so much, and I did also. Cooper would run out the door, but now he will sit at the door without even being told. That is one of the many things that he has learned, he also learned to: Make eye contact with me. […]

Dog Trainers Rome GACooper

Jack & Arnie

My boys have grown up in the loving arms of Mecca Fox. She helped train them, gave them their first haircuts and most of all, did it with love. In other words, we love her and consider her family. It’s not often you find a person who offers excellent knowledge and skill, but includes love […]

Scottish Terriers, Dog Grooming Rome, Dog Training, Diggin' ItJack & Arnie

Dog Trainers Rome

Welcome to Diggin’ It Dogs!  Our main mission is to break the barriers of communication between you and your dog so you both can have the best relationship and life possible.  Instead of focusing on strict competition obedience,  our Rome dog trainers teach both you and your dog the training needed to live the life you want.  Whether your goal with your dog is to sit on the couch, go hiking, or compete in sports, we want to teach your dog the skills needed to fulfill that dream.  We want to help you have the dog you want while having the life you want!  


We’re more than just the best dog trainers in Rome!

We also provide dog grooming services!  We believe that you deserve a pet care provider who can solve all your needs with ease.  That is why our team offers a full range of dog and pet care services. We can make your dogs look their best, as well as provide a better class for obedience training.  Diggin’ It Dogs understands how important pets are to any family, and that is why we offer the best pet care in Rome Ga.  We promise that your dog will look great, and behave even better.  For the best in local Rome dog groomers, you need us for your pets!


Our Services

Bring your dog in today, and we can help in any area that you need. We offer a variety of services for all your grooming and training needs:

  • Obedience/Manners Class
  • Small Group Classes
  • Private Lessons
  • Board and Train
  • Grooming


Obedience/ Manners Class

Our dog obedience class is designed to teach any age dog the basics.  This includes sitting commands, down commands, walking on a loose lead, recall commands, and place commands.  Everyone has the expectation that all owned pets know the “basics.”  Over the course of six weeks, your pet will learn the basics in a positive and safe environment.  This course is designed to teach any age of dog obedience and manners.  This includes:


Private Lessons

Has your dog completed training courses before, but needs a little extra instruction? Or does your dog become worried or agitated when in a strange group setting?  Our dog gym in Rome offers private classes to help you and your dog! We understand that some dogs have different needs, triggers, and goals, and sometimes private instruction training is best.

Our experienced trainers work one on one with your dog in an intimate, positive setting. Here, they are given full attention to work towards any specific goal that you may need and help you deepen your relationship with your dog in the process.

If your dog is a special needs dog, or simply needs dedicated training, we provide the best dog obedience training in Rome, Georgia.


Board and Train Rome

Board and train instructional services are an increasingly popular training session type for more owners. If you’re short on time and need better training now, we have the adequate schooling for your pet.

Board and training provide a homeschool setting away from home. We create a small community of dogs being kenneled away from home to give them experience and instruction together.

Over the course of two weeks, we work on general obedience, socialization with dogs and people, and other common areas of concern.  During this time, we will work with your dog several times a day.  They will receive group training, as well as periods of personalized instruction.

We understand two weeks is a long time without your dog.  We will keep you involved and informed by sending you regular updates on your dog’s progress.  You will receive emails, photos, and videos! This way, you always know how your dog is doing.


Dog Groomers Rome GA

In addition to offering a better quality of behavior instruction, our team doubles as the best in local Rome dog groomers. We believe that proper dog grooming and hygiene is just as essential as training, and we take this service just as seriously.  We strive to provide a positive environment to meet individual dog’s needs.  We use positive training to ensure your dog has the most pleasant experience possible, thus making us one of the best dog groomers in Rome!


Why Choose Us?

Our goal is to not force obedience on to dogs but to provide a loving, positive place for instruction. Some training methods make animals fearful, making it difficult for them be comfortable around people.  Our Rome dog trainers are different because we use positive reinforcement techniques to help build a better relationship between you and your dog.

We do this by creating better communication skills between your dog and you, which builds a deeper bond and trust.  By relying on better communication, we create an educational setting that brings out the dog’s fullest potential for better results.


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When it comes to finding Rome dog training that is safe, effective, and fun, your dog needs Diggin’ It Dogs.  Our Rome Dog trainers and groomers pride themselves on being the best full-service pet groomer and trainer, providing you with everything you need for a well-mannered dog.

We care for our clients’ dogs as if they were our own. Let us help deepen your bond with your dog!  For the best in local Rome dog trainers and groomers, Diggin’ It Dogs is ready to meet your pets! With a variety of training techniques, as well as several different class settings, we are the best obedience school for dogs in Rome GA.